Veterinary Homeopathy at 7° National Congress of SIOV

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Do the veterinarian is a complex profession, we all know, it is not only focus to eliminate the symptoms of a disease, but also or mainly to interact with an ecosystem, be it the family or the environment, of which the animal is an integrated part.

This is the reason why 40 veterinarians, gather in a conference room, ask themselves during the 7° National Congress of SIOV, the Italian Society of Veterinary Homeopathy, seeking confirmation of the possibility to act in accordance with the epistemological bases of classic homeopathy to address the challenges and problems that currently the veterinary work presents.

Just a few days ago the presentation by the FNOVI, the National Federation of the Associations of Veterinary Doctors, a fundamental document to place even greater attention to the dramatic emergency of Antimicrobical Resistance AMR (Veterinary Profession and Antibiotic resistance – Document Colistin ), a global reality and that major risks for human health. This important signal by FNOVI and Profession stands in resonance with the fundamental strength on antibiotics document published by the WHO in June 2014.

It is a topic that is still little discussed in the Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, and the legislative intentions remain mired in words that are likely to remain inert without an operation.

The 40 veterinarians, and the community that they express, work in everyday with a medicine that points attention to the individual as part of a system. The systemic view that affects all of us in a perspective of One Health, using the application methods of classical homeopathy, and constantly facing acute and chronic, using minimally and really aimed to antibiotic therapies so in accordance with the provisions forwarded with a sense of urgency by the WHO.

The good news is that there is already a concrete approach and directly applicable to help limit the damage caused by decades of unwitting use of drugs and a production system which has ignored the effects on the renewability and sustainability of natural resources. The veterinary homeopaths have skills to meet the needs and emergencies not only the profession itself, but also the tasks performed on a social level.

Several reports have shown the therapeutic role nutrition especially in chronic diseases, including idiopathic epilepsy, particularly for forms that do not respond to drug treatments and often turn to CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine).

It has been showed that feeding animals both pets or animal farming has a strong impact on the entire planet made evident, among other things, by the references to millions of hectares for feed them. Without forgetting the terrible conditions in which farm animals are. Homeopathy becomes the frontier medicine.

Even bees, insects fundamental to the health of the environment with millions of years of evolution behind are the protagonists of an interesting preliminary study presented at the conference SIOV. This project is considered necessary by the evidence of the human impact on the environment effects, in which the bees testify that there are no isolated issues, or isolated incidents, every action and every fact is linked in a network of events that leads to each of us .

Those 40 veterinarians propose options to address the problems for which the words and intent are not enough. The community of veterinary homeopaths marries the known statement of Albert Einstein that “we can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking we used to create it. “

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