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Letter from IAVH General Secretary Dr. Petra Weiermayer

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Homeopathic veterinarians are all conventionally trained veterinarians. We understand disease and health as do our conventional colleagues. We use conventional diagnostics and therapeutics as needed. We have added homeopathy as another tool with which to help animals in our care. Homeopathic veterinarians have chosen to study and use homeopathy because we have seen benefits to patients. There is also significant research evidence supporting the effectiveness of veterinary homeopathy.

Please see our power point presentation in the articles below, and our letter to the editor on the review of Doehring and Sundrum published in the Veterinary Record in December 2016. These summarise the current state of research in veterinary homeopathy. A more detailed version can be read below the short version. Please read also a review (below, in Articles section) of a masters thesis performed by a human doctor (Melanie Woelk) on research in homeopathy, with the conclusion that homeopathy is an evidence-based medicine. Research of the crucial question whether veterinary homeopathy works according to the rules for evidence-based medicine (EBM) has to be performed, although some studies which show this evidence exist already.

Currently, there are one out of two evidence class 1a reviews, and one evidence class 1a meta-analysis, stating positive outcome for veterinary homeopathy, as well as one out of two evidence class 1b studies stating positive outcome for veterinary homeopathy, so veterinary homeopathy could be classified as evidence based. More high quality research is certainly needed.

For FAQ’s on homeopathy we would like to refer to the website of the HRI (Homeopathy Research Institute); we are working together with regard to research.

For further information on research in homeopathy please see this page, also from HRI.

The ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy) and the UK Faculty of Homeopathy certify and examine medical and veterinary professionals in the practice of homeopathy, and their websites also discuss current research efforts.

ECH Research page  Faculty Research page

Dr. Petra Weiermayer


Survey: Use of Homeopathy in Veterinary

Homeopathy has been used for various veterinary ailments since long, even from the time of Hahnemann. Veterinary practice is in vogue since then, and there is a considerable demonstration of efficacy of homeopathy in veterinary at both clinical and research level.The current survey is a descriptive, opinion based survey that collects information about a physician’s outlook towards use of homeopathy in veterinary practices, with special emphasis to homeopathic therapeutics (commonly used remedies), commonly treated animals and their diseases etc.The results of the survey may guide us to understand the clinical applicability of homeopathy in veterinary, extent of use of homeopathy e.g. commonly treated clinical conditions and commonly used homeopathic remedies, etc. The data thus collected may serve as a knowledge database for improving learning skills for use of homeopathy in veterinary, sharpening knowledge for better applicability, educating homeopathic fraternity etc. Your responses to this survey will remain completely confidential. You will not be identified or contacted unless you specifically request to be. If you have any questions about this survey please email me at You may also see the full details at you wish to be acknowledged, you may opt to do so by selecting the option at the end of survey. A list of acknowledged persons shall be published online.The survey is undertaken by Dr. Saurav Arora under Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (

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