Call for Paper – International Congress SIOV-IAVH for Veterinary Homeopathy



International Congress SIOV-IAVH 2017

Parma, 20 Jan. 2017

S.I.O.V. is pleased to announce the call for papers for the Congress which will be held on 28 to 29 October 2017 at Novotel Bologna Fiera Bologna, Via Michelino n. 93.

The Congress of 2017 will be at the International character in collaboration with IAVH (International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy) organization that brings together the most important representatives of homeopathy worldwide. The IAVH ( represents more than 30 countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia, Bulgaria , New Zealand, India, Japan, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spania, South Africa, Czech Republic and Turkey.

This event will take place in the usual National Congress SIOV and will be attended by the most renowned and well-known veterinary experts worldwide veterinary homeopathy.

8th International Congress SIOV-IAVH

 28-29 October 2017



They may be proposed abstracts that information relates to the following topics:

therapeutic relationship between remedy, sick and context

animal welfare and animal rights

ethology and behavior

vaccinations and iatrogenic problems

nutrizionistiche issues

systemic approach to obstacles to healing

revision in veterinary key materia medica

revision in veterinary repertory key

clinical cases

original research

Veterinarians, professionals and researchers in all related disciplines are invited to submit their works in the form of abstracts. Entries should be original (not previously published).

The work will be presented in the form of extended reports or short or poster form (in Italian or English).

The speakers of oral presentations will be automatically registered for the conference, which will not be required to pay any registration fee; also will benefit from hotel accommodation in the previous or next night for the performance of their relationship, at their discretion and on request be made to the secretary SIOV.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is May 31, 2017.

Abstracts should be sent as an attachment via e-mail at:

The required format for the abstracts is Microsoft Word for Windows.

The duration of oral presentations will be 45 minutes including 10 minutes for questions. The time of treatment might be changed according to needs related to the organization congress.

No anonymous abstracts will be accepted.

Participants acceptance of work will be announced no later than July 30, 2017.

The complete work must be sent no later than September 30, 2017. Details will be included with the notification of acceptance.

All submissions will be anonymously, prior to acceptance, to a triple reviewed.

Each paper will be evaluated both from a scientific point of view, both for the originality and relevance to the conference topics.

The limit of acceptability of all of the meeting will work in accordance with the following selection criteria:

relevant scientific merit

originality / interest

variety of topics

Abstracts not complying with the rules esplicate below will not be accepted by the Committee.

Instruction for Abstracts

Abstracts must be written in Italian or English, no longer than 500 words, excluding the title, the author’s name and address. They must be written with a program compatible with Microsoft Word. Proposals should consist of previously unpublished material.

All abstracts must include the following information on separate pages:

The full title of the manuscript, followed by first name initials and last names of the authors (but NOT qualifications) and the address of the authors, different lines.

Centre the title in capital letters and bold.

The names of the authors should be centered under the title, without reference to the qualification.

The address must be in the title.

The author to be contacted should be indicated after the address and will also be referred to an e-mail address. This will also be the author who will present the work.

Indicate a preference between:

oral presentation



The text of the abstract (on separate page) should include: title, introduction (including labor purposes), materials and methods, results, discussion and conclusion. At this stage, it is not required the bibliography.

Please do not submit abstracts if you are not willing to participate in the meeting. In order to balance the program, the scientific committee reserves the right to limit the number of works submitted by the author himself.

We hope to see you all in Bologna for the International Congress.

Best regards, Dr. David Bettio – President SIOV