8° Congresso Internazionale SIOV-IAVH 2017 – Preliminary Program



Candidate Reports for IAVH-SIOV Congress 2017
Bologna (Italy), 28-29 October 2017

Preliminary program IAVH-SIOV Congress 2017

Saturday 28 October 2017

8,30: subscription

9,00: presentation

9,15: Beatrice Milleder (Germany) – 1. “Homeopathic treatment of osteosarcoma with the help of Herscu’s Cycles and Segments.

9,45: Petra Weiermayer (Austria) Evidence-Based Veterinary Homeopathy

10,15: Marcela Munoz (Columbia) – Clinical Verification of Lycopodium  clavatum  in Veterinary  Homepathy using the likehood ratios in 354 patients

10,45: Andrea Brancalion (Italy) – Coaching and Homeopathy: Aims and Compliance.

11,15: break

11,30: Cinzia Ciarmatori – Medicine of wild animals and enviromental impact: hypothesis of using a homeopathic approach

12,00: Andrea Corinna Mayer (CH) – The prescription of a homeopathic remedy has a healing effect before the remedy is administered to the animal. Implications for basic research on the efficiency of homeopathic treatment.

12,30: Ilze Petersone (Latvia) – Homeopathic treatment for a dog with  autoimmune disorder

13,00: discussion

13,30: lunch

14,30: Nicoletta Messina (Italy) – The ill health. Part 1

15,00: Silia Marucelli (Italy) – The ill health. Part 2

15,30: Beatrice Milleder (Germany) – “The raging dachshound – how homeopathy changed the life of Emmi and her family.” Case studies of vaccination induced problem.

16,30: Bernhard Hornig (Germany) – Known and unknown homeopathic remedies against clinical mastitis in cows

17,00: break

17,30: David Bettio (Italy) – A case of idiopatic cystitis in cat cure with cannabis sativa.

18,00: Stefan Koulrash (Spain) – Cicuta as a constitutional remedy for a dog with incontinence, allergies and arthrosis

18,30: Futorhi Hamada (Japan) – Petroleum for tracheal collapse of dog

19,00: discussion

19,30: national SIOV assembly

21,00: gala dinner

Sunday 29 October

9,00: Minako Kuroda (Japan) – Homeopathy over antibiotics in high-risk small animal cases

9,30: Edward Beukelaer (UK)- When the owner rubs it in, listen, and the remedy will preserve the patient.

10,00: Peter Gregory (UK) – Spiders

10,30: Malene Jorgensen (France) – chronic kidney failure in cats and raw diet/supplements + remedies in CRF

11,00: break

11,30: Bernhard Hornig (Germany) – a. The current status of the VetRep

12,00: Banu Kantarcioglu – ” A journey with Staphisagria; from Anxiety to Infertility” (Saturday)

12,30: Sara Fox Chapman (USA) – Gonad Sparing Sterilization

13,00: discussion

13,30: lunch

14,30: Dunya Reiwal (CH) – gut brain axis

15,00: Cristina Stocchino (Italy) – Marley and me. A case report.

15,30: Marina Nuovo e Barbara Rigamonti (Italy) – From animal to animal: clinical experiences and materia medica review on Falcon peregrinus and Lac lupinum – part 1

16,00: Marina Nuovo e Barbara Rigamonti (Italy) – From animal to animal: clinical experiences and materia medica review on Falcon peregrinus and Lac lupinum – part 2

16,30: break

17,00: Marilisa Picca (Italy) – The dream oF Dream: complementary use of Potassium ascorbate with Ribosium in oncological pathogies

17,30: discussion

18,00: ending congress

Milazzo Jacopo (Italy) – Administration of homeopathic remedies to ten italian honeybees’ colonies, in a double-blind trial.

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